Private Homes and Housing Estates

Blumotix solutions, to reduce energy waste, improve domestic comfort, implement security and control measures.

  • a custom-made house, where comfort is automatically set up in relation to the characteristics of every single space and to the needs of the future inhabitants
  • a reliable wired and smartphone-controlled system, capable of ensuring totally security checks
  • an optimized system that improves the energy efficiency of the home and which, thanks to the monitoring and optimization functions, reduces its consumption and costs
  • easy to install and configure systems also by your trusted technicians, thanks to the universal standard Konnex and to Blumotix technical support kit

Smart Home KNX Blumotix

For each area of use, Blumotix provides services of:

  • technical support
  • designing
  • production of specific components
  • customization and tailor-made solutions

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Hotels and housing estates