Blumotix, to preserve properties and structures of great historical and artistic value through cutting-edge solutions, with zero environmental impact, able to fully return beauty and value to architectural and artistic heritage.

  • constant automatic control of the optimal environmental parameters; by employing advanced sensors, the system monitors and adjusts the lighting and the ventilation in relation to the external conditions
  • possibility to configure specific scenarios with control functions aimed to create the best presentation of the environments or to fulfil specific environmental requirements
  • systems that are easy to install and configure also by your trusted technicians, thanks to the universal standard Konnex and Blumotix’s technical support kit.

For each area of use, Blumotix provides services of:

  • technical support
  • designing
  • production of specific components
  • customization and tailor-made solutions

Blumotix Case Study


Historic houses and stately homes

Historic houses and stately homes
Tenuta Castellaro