Blumotix, to enhance comfort and energy efficiency, and increase the services provided to your customers. Scalable solutions that are possible to customize, in order to offer to the guests a total experience of comfort and well-being.

  • provide to the guests a high-quality experience, by means of customized environmental parameters (e.g. light and temperature), that make their stay an experience worth remembering and repeating.
  • considerable operation and maintenance cost reduction, two expenditure items that represent about 75% of the expenditure in a structure’s lifespan.
  • to offer an instrument of supervision and control that is intuitive, highly evolved and scalable
  • systems that are easy to install and configure also by your trusted technicians, thanks to the universal standard Konnex and to Blumotix’s technical support kit.

Blumotix offers a solution designed for B&B, Hotel, and tourist accommodation:

DOORY the smart access control

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B&B Hotel Access control Doory Blumotix

B&B and Hotel Access control with Doory by Blumotix

For each area of use, Blumotix provides services of:

  • technical support
  • designing
  • production of specific components
  • customization and tailor-made solutions

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Hotels and Housing Estates