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Miniserver KNX Blumotix BX-MS02 is a modern server with solid-state memory enabling to view and control functions in one’s KNX system via remote devices connected to the TCP/IP network.
A device designed for installation on a 35mm DIN bar for remote supervision of a KNX System, suitable for network-connected portable appliances such as Smartphone or Tablet. The remote devices interact through KRIM, the Blumotix App that can be downloaded and installed on one’s terminal. iOS, Android, and Windows 7 dedicated versions are available.


BX-MS02 is supplied equipped with programming software Sentiero that can be installed to create graphic displays for control screens.
This software enables to import ETS data and assign KNX group addresses to graphic objects uploaded to graphic displays.
The data are then collected in a database and finally transferred to the Miniserver to be used by remote devices.

System engineers can upload special photos and icons to customize graphic displays according to customer preferences. The Miniserver can also store several graphic displays accessible simultaneously by different users.

Pre-set graphic displays are also available, however, to make it easier and quicker to complete installations.
This software enables to manage all types of KNX event, from basic ON/OFF controls to floating-point measurement notifications, with unlimited memory availability for resource handling.


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Computer ARM9 520MHz
Slot SD
Ethernet port 100Mb (RJ45)
V input DC [12-24]V
Power Consumption 8W
Case DIN 35mm
Protection grade: IP20
Size: 9 moduli
Operating range: -10°C, 70°C