KNX Konnex is today’s most advanced reference protocol in the building automation sector. It is the only worldwide recognize technology, the standard that combines advantages and guarantees with a strict regulation.

Blumotix is KNX Konnex Member. “We design and produce Made in Italy technological solutions for an intelligent Home and Building Automation, according to KNX Protocols.”


The Konnex KNX Protocol has been recognized as a European Standard (EN50090) and International (ISO / IEC 14543) for home automation systems. Blumotix has been adhering to Konnex Standard for years because only a high standard and shared worldwide Protocol can improve the home automation market to the benefit of manufacturers, technicians and end users.

Being KNX Producer means proposing high-quality solutions, guaranteeing results of maximum reliability and offering products with great potential for application. KNX is the standard that unites advantages and guarantees to strict regulation.

One of the maximum values of all manufacturers in KNX mode is the interoperability that is the possibility to set up systems on which devices from different manufacturers can be installed. Konnex’s bus technology reduces wiring complexity compared to conventional wiring systems. Four communication infrastructures are supported:

  • twisted pair
  • power line
  • RF
  • Ethernet

Multiple plus advantages for those who choose to belong to the Konnex world. In particular, the control experience is in the act of attention and maintenance.

KNX - Blumotix - Home & Building Automation



Blumotix is KNX Konnex Member since 2009