“KNX Inputs – Details make the difference”

Blumotix recognizes great value even for the smallest solutions so that they can increase and improve output, use, and installation of more complex devices. An apparently simple tool such as a button interface can, therefore, feature small and appreciated innovations to make it a particularly effective solution.

For example, the cable for detecting the contact has a separate pair of wires for each channel, so as to avoid having to force the installer to share a common connection. This simplifies the wiring and reduces the installation time.


Push-button interfaces for converting any traditional push-button panel into a KNX signal source. The devices are fitted with a 15 cm. cable made up of either 2 (BX-2XIO) or 4 (BX-4XIO) twisted pairs for connecting directly to the switches.

The wires are color-coded for easy identification of the channels. Input behavior can be pre-set individually by ETS in order to carry out the function intended by the system designer. The device provides control functions for switching devices On or Off, for opening shutters, for adjusting lighting levels and for selecting scenarios. Some of these functions make use of the ability to recognize extended closure of the contact to carry out secondary functions.

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