Blumotix: technical high-performance and Design solutions.

Touch-Screen Technology

The choice of the touch-screen technology it’s a feature which distinguishes Blumotix, showing from the beginning its capacity to anticipate the new technologies.
Blumotix designs and implements its own capacitive sensing screens, choosing the form, the materials and the multi-finger controllers which allow the best performances in terms of speed of interaction, intuition, and ease of use. See the KNX Touch products of the Touch Panels Line and the Glass Push Buttons.

Security and Reliability

Konnex technical design allows other devices to carry on working even if one device fails operation, making every system secure and reliable. ISO9001 BLUMOTIXAll Blumotix’s products are built according to ISO 9001 Quality Standards and are certified by Konnex.

Remote control

All the devices with Blumotix’s touch panel can be remotely operated with modern iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, merely downloading the Krim application, devoted to the supervision of the system.

Reasonable costs

Blumotix designs and produces all its devices, offering the best technological solution at the best price.

Quick and easy to install

Blumotix pays attention to every detail that makes easier and more intuitive the installation of the product: from the size of the clips that ease the wiring of the actuators, to the button interface with fixing rings; from the junction boxes that incorporate a level to facilitate the correct position of the device, to the library and the manuals in different languages that can be downloaded directly online.

Fast production and customize solutions

Blumotix is able to handle the product within 48 hours from the order. Fast and slender processes allow reducing the production costs and managing orders for either big or small system.

Italian Design

Blumotix style combines technological high-performance and features with high aesthetic impact: elegant objects, nice to have.

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That’s why Blumotix: because, in accordance with KNX Protocol, it combines high-tech and innovative design solutions with the unique Italian creativity.