Blumotix designs and produces Touch Panels and devices for Home and Building Automation.

Choosing Blumotix means to look out for technological excellence and style and to value a brand rooted in talent, that favors technical refinement, attention to detail, user-friendliness and intuitive installation, all without giving up on beauty.

logo BLUMOTIX domotica KNX Konnex

The vocation to create innovative embedded computers takes the company to develop, in 2003, its first touch technology. The idea becomes concrete right away providing solutions for companies like RCH, SACMI, ARAG, HT, and with international research projects, in partnership with Microsoft, in the framework of “Mobile Video Optimization” (CANNES IPTEC 2007).

Blumotix srl is the result of this path, acquiring all the experience and the capabilities needed to take the start-up to the next level, and becoming an industrial reality well acknowledged in the international market of Home and Building Automation.

To achieve this, some steps have been essential:

  • 2009 – the company became a Member of the Konnex Association, as Producer of Devices (License 160 –A0)
  • 2010 – Blumotix obtained the license to employ the Konnex Stack
  • in the same year started a collaboration with TelecoGroup Spa, developing new industrial and commercial synergies that consolidated its growth

Blumotix is certificated ISO 9001:2015 – Quality


Blumotix a Brand that has roots in ingenuity, in research and chooses technical refinement.