“KNX Actuators for high performances and fast switching”

All Blumotix Actuators are bus-powered devices capable of high levels of performance in terms of their switching speed, due to the use of innovative latest generation KNX transceivers.

Each output uses a 16A bistable relay that can also be controlled manually by mini switches positioned on the front panel. Every single switch is linked to a green LED that indicates its state. The silver alloy contacts (AgSn02) allow a high inrush current of up to 170A in the first 2ms, for a maximum reliability on the typical inductive loads of lamps fitted with reactors. All the bistable relays have 2 free contacts connected to large terminals that can accept cable sections of up to 5mm².


Blumotix Actuators guarantee the best performances in terms of switching speed, thanks to the state-of-the-art bus transceiver KNX.
The new KNX Dimmer Line, dedicated to the 230VAC lamp, allows getting low light even with the modern fluorescent and led lamps with E27 joint, eliminating unwanted buzzes or flashes.

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BX-SW24 - 24 Channels Actuator


Actuator KNX Blumotix


Actuator KNX Blumotix


Actuator KNX Blumotix


Actuator KNX Blumotix


Actuator KNX Blumotix


Actuator KNX Blumotix