Versions available:
– Touch Panel 4.3″ Black  (BK-K24MS)
– Touch Panel 4.3″ White (BK-K24MSW)

Technical Data:

User Manual


CE Declaration

KAIROS 24, the KNX Touch Panel Blumotix K24MS, is the first Blumotix Touch Panel of the KAIROS Line.

Small in size, complete with Miniserver able to support remote connection with Smartphone. Thanks to the KRIM  application, free to install on iOS and Android mobile devices, it allows you to connect and control your home remotely. Navigation through the functions can be completely programmed using the free Sentiero software, both as regards the graphic features and the organization of the commands.

The Miniserver can contain numerous graphic solutions that work simultaneously, customized according to the many types of connectable hardware and the different uses. The system has no functional limitations either in terms of connectable devices or in terms of the number of manageable group addresses.

In the same product Line: Touch Panel KAIROS 10 and KAIROS 27


All models are equipped with an IP network board to connect a Smartphone or Tablet for the remote control of all home automation functions (Apple, iOS, Android, and PC are supported). The supervision software has no use restrictions, neither in terms of number of controllable function (group addresses) nor in terms of number of home navigation pages.  All models are designed by Blumotix with LED screens and funless microprocessors for meeting the most stringent low power consumption and low noise recommendations applicable to residential environments.

Each touch panel is programmed with standard graphic synoptic, pre-set for controlling Lights, Windows and Climate. Other functions can be added and browsed through, such as utility Loads control, Video camera control, Timer and Timed Thermostat enabling and Scenario programming.

The resistive touch panel of the Blumotix KAIROS line allows the state of each KNX device installed in the system to be viewed and edited in a user-friendly and intuitive manner – ensuring full home control. They have a modern aluminum design with an ultra-slim profile of just 8mm., suitable for elegantly blending in with any type of environment.

All the KAIROS Touch Panels are available in black and white. Their design is fully customizable by changing the graphic features of the user interface and entering maps, plans, layout, images, and icons to graphically represent one’s home in the most effective way.

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Computer ARM9 454MHz
Color Display TFT 4 inch
Resolution 480 x 272 pixels
LED backlight
Slot micro SD
V input: DC [12-24]V
Power Consumption: 2W
Wall-mounting Box mod.504 (132 x 74 x 54mm)
Operating range: -10°C, 70°C