BX-TU is the innovative push-button interface equipped with an external temperature and humidity probe to perform thermostat functions, humidity and dew point temperature control.

This is a digital temperature sensor with a thermostat function, complete with a 4-input KNX push-button interface that converts a traditional push-button panel into a KNX source.
Regarding the push button interface functions, it has all the features of the BX-4XIO model, regarding the thermostat control it has all the features of the BX-TE,  it also adds the features arising from the presence of the humidity probe.
The device is developed without a display unit or local buttons, therefore, setpoint temperature adjustment and visualization can be exclusively carried out via a Blumotix supervision system like a touch panel or a common smartphone on which is installed the dedicated application.
The BX-TU is equipped with a highly sophisticated digital solid state temperature and humidity probe, able to carry out accurate measurements, from -40°C to 125°C with 0.5°C of resolution for the temperature and from 0% to 100% of relative humidity measurements, and not requiring any calibration procedure.
The temperature and humidity probe is extremely compact and can be fitted to the rear of the hole plugs of standard devices suitable for measuring towards the inside of a room.

ETS Data
– 4XIO push-button interface functions
– BX-TE thermostat functions
– Humidity measure using 2 Byte object
– Four thresholds of humidity and of the associated alarms
– Four thresholds of dew point temperature and of the associated alarms


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Number of inputs: 4 + temperature and humidity probe
Power supply: via KNX bus
Power consumption: <0,25W
Max input wires length: 10m
Permitted wire gauge: KNX terminal (0,8mm2)
Operating temperature: 0 – 45 °C
Enclosure: IP20
Size (WxHxD): 54x44x17 mm