Variants available:
> Black and White

Technical Data:

EC Declaration

Blumotix has designed and produced a new access control system that allows you to get into a tourist accommodation by providing the credentials received by SMS.
Doory is an intelligent numeric keypad that can receive new access code from a remote Smartphone, to facilitate the check in without receptionist. The code can be programmed using a dedicated APP installed on a Smartphone (iOS or Android). The access key can be changed and replaced whenever it is necessary to welcome a new guest.
The memory can contain up to 100 access data to allow the devices located in the common areas to be able to store the codes of each single room. Each code has 6 digits to guarantee maximum security.
The Doory keyboard receives the codes for access control from the KNX Miniserver called BX-MS02, able to communicate with your Smartphone by the KRIM APP, free downloadable from iTunes and Google Play.


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KNX Access Control Keyboard – White color
Dimension: 80 mm x 120 mm
Thickness: 8 mm
Wall mounting in 503 Italian Standard
12 capacitive keys with white led backlight
Powering through KNX bus (d=0,8mm)