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NEW PRODUCT Blumotix – KNX Thermostat with Humidity Sensor

The traditional Kristal glass command line Blumotix is now enriched with a renewed range of KNX thermostats, complete with probe.


Blumotix fully updates its ETS library, proposing new and modern configuration setting to improve the own performance as the measure of the dew temperature, to preserve your system from water condensation problems, correctly measured as a linear combination of ambient temperature and humidity.

Kristal thermostats are characterized by a large central display on which ambient temperature, relative humidity, and setpoint temperature can be displayed. The device can light up by getting a hand closer thanks to its proximity sensor. The circular sensing area is obtained around the display on which to slide the finger to change the setpoint temperature. Each variation is accompanied by a brief acoustic beep to have feedback of the action performed. Around the circular crown are placed 4 commands to change the operating modes: on/off manual ventilation (fan-coil), summer/winter, comfort/pre-comfort, and standby selection.


KRISTAL BX-Q07B-W Blumotix KNX Thermostat – Wall-mounting in 60 mm EU std

BX-Q07B-W KNX Thermostat with touch adjustment of the setpoint temperature. Ideal to manage Comfort, Pre-Comfort, Economy and Frozen functions. The Device is provided with a humidity sensor, able to measure and manage the dew point temperature. Equipped with blue LED and Buzzer.

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KRISTAL LINE offers all the safety and durability advantages of a capacitive keyboard, since there is no mechanical wear of any kind, and ease of use is improved with the introduction of luminous and acoustic feedback, made possible by the ability to program the backlight and the buzzer based on any event notified on the bus. The devices are also equipped with a proximity sensor through which the keyboard is activated, the wall mounted back-lighting is turned on to make the keyboard visible or an actual KNX command is generated.

Kristal offers the complete KNX command set needed to control any type of device: On/Off commands, light dimming, window actions and transmission of scenarios. Kristal is a single-piece device whose glass/capacitive keyboard integration is carried out and checked in the factory to ensure the highest level of performance in terms of reliability of operation at all times.

KNX Touch – Square Glass Thermostat
Dimension: 80mm x 80mm
Thickness: 8 mm
Wall-mounting in 60mm EU std