BX-IP01 is a device for interfacing between a Konnex line and an IP network (Internet Protocol).
It is ideal to plan the system with ETS through an active network connection on your PC (EIBnet / IP Tunneling standard). The IP interface address can be assigned manually via ETS or automatically when a DHCP service on the network is active.
BX-IP01 has an RJ45 connector to support IP connection and a standard KNX (2 x 0.8 mm) for connection to the bus line and a third connector (2 x 0.8 mm) for the auxiliary power supply (12-24 VDC).

The device selected by Blumotix is produced in Germany.

In the same product Line: BX-USB


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Ethernet port: 10Mb
Supported protocols: ARP-ICMP-IGMP-UDP/IP-DHCP
EIBnet/IP dedicated to KNX: Core, Tunneling, Device Management
External Power Supply: DC12-24V