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KNX 4-channel dimmer actuator for white and RGB LED strips (common anode connection) operating at 12 and 24 Volts.
BX-DM04 allows to supply a max current for each channel of 7.8A, corresponding to a 40 meter RGB led strip (14.4W / ma 24V).
It can adjust the brightness by modulating the output voltage of the original power supply with duration pulses programmable (PWM).
The device works with constant input voltages of 12V and 24V.


In the same product Line: BX-DALI, BX-DUNIVX-DM01, BX-DM02, BX-DM03, BX-DM04

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Constant Voltage Dimmer with PWM control
Input 12 / 24 VDC
Output up to 7,8A for channel
Max Power 750W
KNX terminal (d=0,8mm)
IP20 case for DIN rail (4 module – 72 mm)