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BX-DM02 is a 4-channel dimmer actuator for RGB LED stripes with voltage control, designed to work with the KNX bus.
The device works as common anode, and it can drive mainly RGB LED stripes.
It can also work in a non-synchronized way to dim white LED stripes.
Its main feature is to work with an external power supply and the power can be chosen according to the length of LED stripes installed.
Since the output voltage corresponds to that input, the device can be arranged to work with either 12V or 24V LED stripes simply changing the power supply.
The module is able to handle 108W at 12V or 216W at 24V, distributed on four channels. For example, using highest power LED stripes – so 14,4W/m –  and working with 24V of power supply, the maximum installed length stripe would be 15 meters.

ETS Data
– Outputs parametrized individually
– Brightness control using 4-bit objects (DT3 incremental method) and 1 Byte objects (DT5 brightness percentage)
– Switch function using 1-bit objects (DT1 on-off)
– Status notification
– Brightness value restored from the previous status
– Mode of operation RGBW with channels synchronized
– Time management of the channel transition
– 24 programmable scenarios with execution in a sequence of colored transitions using the order of the scenarios, or exploiting random sequence.

Pls. note: BX-DM02 is a discontinued product


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Number of channels: 4
Input voltage: 9 – 42V
Output voltage: follows the input voltage
Max current: 3A per channel
Max power: up to 500W
Operating temperature: 0 – 45 °C
Size (WxHxD): 96x86x36 mm