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Blumotix presents its new KNX Gateway: BX-DALI


It is an extremely easy to use device completely configurable from ETS, including the DALI part and the related recognition of the reactors connected to the chain.
The device has the traditional MASTER DALI output, with output 16-18 VDC on the terminals called D + and D- and current limitation max to 250mA.
It allows the control and regulation of up to 64 reactors, managed individually or in groups up to a maximum of 16.
The error messages of the single ballast and of each lamp can be transmitted on the KNX by means of suitable communication objects.


In the same product Line: BX-DALI, BX-DUNIVBX-DM01, BX-DM02, BX-DM03, BX-DM04

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Gateway DALI / KNX
Power supply 110-240 VAC 50/60Hz
DALI output (D+ , D-) 16-18VDC
DALI Max current consumption 250mA
Short Circuit Protection
KNX terminal (d=0,8mm)
IP20 case for DIN rail (4 module – 72 mm)