Sala Urbana, one of the most beautiful halls of the Municipal Art Collections in Palazzo d’Accursio in Bologna, Italy, is again open to visitors after the restoration of its ceiling and its painted decorations.

Sala Urbana, otherwise known as Sala degli Stemmi (Coats of Arms’ Hall), was built in 1630 by the Apostolic Legate Bernardino Spada, who dedicated it to Pope Urbano VIII.
The hall, with a rectangular plan, was designed by the architect Ercole Fichi, the artists Girolamo Curti and Agostino Mitelli and the painter Michele Colonna who decorated the ceiling, creating one of the most important works of the Bologna’s Baroque.
The 188 Coats of Arms of Apostolic Legates, deputy Legates and Papal governors represent the history of Bologna and of the Church from 1327 to 1744.
The hall was closed in 2006 because of its state of degradation. The restoration works were carried out from April 2013 to June 2014 within two European projects, fixing the ceiling with modern frames and installing the new cover of the hall protecting paintings from the sun radiation. The new ventilation system (without use of air-conditioning) and the new low energy consumption lighting system were put on. The painted decorations of the hall were restored as well.
The restoration project received a special price within the event called “Week of Bio-architecture and domotics” held in Modena.

Source: BolognaWelcome

Case Study

Where: Bologna
Client: Comune di Bologna
Scenarios: Historic houses and stately homes
Year: 2014
Special price at “Week of Bio-architecture and domotics”