Petalosa House™ consists of symmetrical, blind and/or windowed petals. The mobile internal wall allows to modify the usable surface according to the needs and the alternation between day and night. The peculiar arrangement of spaces provided by Petalosa House™ allows two bedrooms, two rooms and two additional beds in the loft area.
Petalosa House™ is preconfigured and customizable in the final composition, and in the colours, and it can be furnished with the elegant standard complements proposed by its creators. Petalosa House ™ has a sophisticated control system of consumption and production of energy and water. Air quality is monitored and optimized by an apparatus of purification that neutralises and removes contaminants.

According to the latest innovations, Petalosa House™ is “nZEB” as it guarantees extremely high energy performances5 which minimize heating, cooling, ventilation, enlighting costs; domestic hot water production costs are also reduced through the exploitation of renewable sources, passive heating and cooling elements, and shading systems.
Therefore, Petalosa House™ provides excellent indoor air quality and adequate natural light, according to the design of the building that makes it resistant to wind, earthquakes and other weather phenomena like dump raising problems
In addition to fine finishes, the absence of cements and plasters, in favour of perfectly matched surfaces, Petalosa House™ can be assembled and disassembled by mean of foundation piles screwed into the ground which solve the problem of ground fixing and cancel any impact on the environment.


Case Study

Where: n.d.
Client: Petalosa House™
Scenario: Hotels
Year: 2016